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What is Dry Mix Mortars

Dry Mix Mortars are construction materials mainly comprising of Cement, Sands and Chemical additives precisely weighed and mixed in a factory. This mix is termed as mortar and is packed in bags. Several types of MORTARS can be formulated in a dry mix plant.

Today where speed and time play an important part of any construction project DRY MIX MORTARS offer the perfect solution. Advantages are consistent quality, controlled inventory, savings in time and labour costs.

Semi Automatic Plant Fully Automatic Plant
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Complete Automation based on PLC systems

The entire operations of our plants can be precisely controlled by a centrally located PLC electronic panel. Right from raw material storage to final finished product can be carried out by a single operator. Each stage of production, i.e. administration of formulas, entry of orders etc., is monitored and displayed. We also offer semi automatic control stations in cases where labor factors are not a constraint. Tailor made systems are offered depending on level of automation and investment available.


The type of mixers installed in a dry mix plant controls the output and quality of the finished product. The specialty additives like polymers, cellulose, fibers, air entraining agents etc. have to be uniformly blended along the entire batch to obtain consistency in quality. The two types of mixers we offer are shown below

The Plough Type

The plough type mixer creates a fluidized effect whereby the mass is subjected to three dimensional mixing. Choppers are installed to create the fluidizing effect as well as to breakdown any agglomerates present in the batch. These mixers have a short mixing time and are power intensive.

The Ribbon Type

A conventional and reliable mixer which employs the use of helical ribbons to ensure multidirectional mixing of the mass. The mixing time is longer as compared to the plough mixer but the quality of mixing is as good. These mixers consume less power.

Paddle Type

A quick efficient mixer where mixing time required is less then 3mins/batch. Recommended for mixing of different solids having fine particle size and varying bulk densitites.

Supporting Equipments
Sand Dryer Electronic Roto Packer 8 Spouts Bulk Bag Filler
Sand Washer Additive Dosing Pneumatic Conveying System
SILOS & Conveyors Dry Separation Screener Automatic Palletizing
Screw Conveyor Big Bag Filling Station Bag Emptying Automatic Machine

Solid Handling
  Weighing & Batching
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Dry Mix Morter
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